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Tirat Zvi – Sites and Tours
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Tirat Zvi is located in the southern section of the valley of Beit She’an right across from the view of the Gilad and Gilboa mountains, where the birds migrate.
What we offer – lunch and dinner, guest rooms and tours (of views, migration, stories of the place and its history).
The meals are in the kibbutz dining room of Tirat Zvi – Kosher L’mehadrin.
“Gan B’Eden” lodging in nice guest houses with a kibbutz atmosphere. For room reservations: 04-6078884

Tirat Zvi
The courtyard of the castle museum has displays from the time of Homa U’migdal (Fence and Tower Site) and the first years of Tirat Zvi. There is also the secret hideaway for weapons from those times.

Dates path – an educational center for growing dates in Israel which includes a tour of the date orchards (during the right season they can be picked and tasted straight from the tree). There is also a video that shows the process of growing dates throughout the year.

A ridden tour in the southern section of the valley (with a guided tour).
Tel Shalem – the man-made hill and the stream on the bottom also includes a view of the valley, and historic stories at the location.
There are fascinating archeology findings.
Birdwatching – near the fish ponds there are birdwatching spots, all year round there are different birds that pass through.
Iris flowers during February and March there are beautiful purple flowers blossoming.

The tours are for groups, and may be for a full day or only a tour or two according to choice.