"The Secrets of the Japanese Garden"  
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“The Secrets of the Japanese Garden”
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Japanese Garden at  Kibutz Heftzi-Ba.

A magical, peaceful gem on Mt. Gilboa hillside. Magnificent, well-cared garden inside a breath-taking landscape.  A garden whom traditional Japanese yet truly Israeli.  Given as a gift from the Japanese Makuya Movement, As a symbol of the strong friendship, mutual love and over 50 years of relationship between Hefzi-Bah and Makuya. the work of Yohachi Goto, came from The Bible – The prophecy of Isaiah about The Return to Zion.

Surrounded by native Israeli trees as a small botanic garden. Inside the garden are traditional Japanese elements, welcoming the visitor walking in its paths.  Stone Lamp * Gold Fish * Crane Statues * Stone Bridge * Wooden shed.  All will bless you with light, purity, love and peace.During the guided tour you will hear about Makuya, Why did they came to Heftzi-Ba, the Israeli elements in the garden, Japanese gardens and how Japanese beliefs and holidays reflect in them.

The tour is accompanied with original Japanese accessories. You will find many different interests during the tour: Plants and vegetation, religions, history, Biblical, archeology and eastern treditions.

The tour is tailored for the specific crowd, age and season. Small events may be organized in a nearby hall.

  • Lectures about Japan, Sushi/Bento workshops
  • Origami, calligraphy and flower-interweaving
  • Children Activities
  • Japanese folk tales with original Japanese accessories
  • Coloring-books\ Art workshops
  • Special activities for schools and kindergartens.