The Secret of the "Rehov Inscription"  
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The Secret of the “Rehov Inscription”
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Two Unique Attributes of the Mosaic by the Ein Hanatziv Synagogue:

* The world’s Largest Hebrew Mosaic Inscription ( 365 words
from 1500 years ago )
* The Oldest Talmudic Text Extant ( which traditionally had been passed
on orally )

A large inscription of great significance to the study of Jewish history of the Talmudic Period was found near Tel Rehov. The inscription had been placed in the floor of the entrance to the synagogue building, the Basilica.
It is the largest and most important inscription of all floor mosaics found.
The text, written in Hebrew, the oldest known of its kind, is from the Yerushalmi Talmud.
It also sheds a unique insight on the Samaritan settlement in Israel.
The text deals with details of the Sabbatical Year ( shmita ), and contributes greatly to the geographical history of Jewish settlement in Israel in the Talmudic Period.

An exact replica was made by the members of Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv ( 2 km south of Beit Shean on Highway 90 ). Together with other parts of the original synagogue, it creates a “Mini Ancient Synagogue” that gives a sense of the original, opposite the entrance to the synagogue of the kibbutz.

You are also encouraged to pay attention to the unique aspects of the modern synagogue, and especially to the special Ark Mantles made by a local artisan.

Length of tour between a half hour to an hour.

To coordinate a tour and symbolic payment contact:
Uzi Paz

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