Scenic Route Issahar Heights  
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Scenic Route Issahar Heights

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The spacious fields in different colors according to seasons of the year and crops being grown. The open landscapes and observation points to Mt. Gilboa, Harod Valley, Givat Hamoreh and Mt. Tabor, are like the songs engraved in the rocks. If you get lucky, you might see deer running through the fields.

How do you get there? From the west, turn on route 71 at Issahar junction north to route 716. In front of the entrance of Moshav Ramat Zvi there is a wooden KKL sign showing the way, and there is a white unpaved road for all kinds of vehicles. At the end or beginning on the east, there is a road that turns to the industrial zone Ramat Zvayim, turn towards Sde Nahum but do not turn to the Kibbutz, but rather continue straight ahead going up the hill. It is best to decide on a direction, since the when the sun is on your back the views are much better seen. There is approximately 15 kilometers of comfortable driving, there are observation points and basalt rocks with Israeli songs engraved on them.

Paving the path was initiated by Ovad Dror z”l, a member of Kibbutz Beit Hashita and the Director of the Southern Jordan Drainage Authority together with KKL.

Alongside the way, trees of the Land of Israel were planted together with bushes; Atlantic goddesses, Tabor oaks and prunes (which are similar).

You can see small groves and grass planted by members of Kibbutz Beit Hashita before they paved the path named after friends that died at a young age, some in wars and others in accidents. You can bring a large cloth for a picnic on the ground, just make sure to pick up trash behind you and leave the area clean for others that arrive after you.

Further along there is an observatory with a pergola called “Yos & David Observatory” named after Yos Peled and David Shoshani, senior farmers that developed farming equipment.

*Please note that you cannot shorten the drive by cutting through Beit Hashita since there is a road block!