Salima – Basket Weaving and Peace Weaving  
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Salima – Basket Weaving and Peace Weaving
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Sima Oren, an artist and mentor for individuals and groups, empowers through a session of weaving from natural materials. Sima believes that each person has a hidden artist inside and by weaving an individual basket, these qualities are exposed. In this workshop, the participants are exposed to ancient art of basket weaving, to traditional methods and different materials that can be weaved, especially those that exist in Israel – palm, pomegranate and olive.

At the end of the session, each participant takes home the basket he or she made.

At Salima there is also “basket telling” where Sima can interpret the weaving style based on how the basket was made (more like reading body language than fortune telling).

Weaving together with natural materials creates an atmosphere of cooperation and pleasure, and is appropriate from age 6 and above, and for men as well.

The workshops are appropriate for family events, team-building and for those interested in a unique experience.

The workshop is 1.5 hours long.

Location: at the entrance of Kibbutz Heftziba or any location in Israel.

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