Orchot HaGilboa (Gilboa Nature Activities)  
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Orchot HaGilboa (Gilboa Nature Activities)
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Types of activities:

  • Outdoor training activities (workshops, fun days, one-time or continuing throughout the year, with or without an organizational consultant)
  • Rope park
  • Rock climbing and omega
  • Wet omega into the Assi river in Kibbutz Nir David
  • Rappelling from slopes at authorized locations
  • Quality tours all over the country
  • Jeep tours
  • Jeep tours with missions – including navigation games and hidden riddles
  • Challenging tours
  • Outdoor workshops: cooking, recycling, navigation, building and strengthening teams
  • Youth group maturing trips

The team at Orchot HaGilboa is made up of certified guides from different backgrounds: climbing and rappelling, tour guides, organizational consultants and teachers. But most of all they all love Israel, nature and outdoors and of course are committed to providing the best possible and high level activities and experiences.