ational Park Gan Hashlosha "Hasachne"  
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National Park Gan Hashlosha “Hasachne”
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Gan Hashlosha – Sachne, situated at the foot of the Gilboa and next to Kibbutz Nir David, is considered one of Israel’s most touristic vacation & recreation sites. Its beauty earned it international recognition when Time magazine acclaimed Gan Hashlosha as the prettiest site in Israel and among the world’s 20 most exotic sites.

The source of the water, which flows in the el-Asi (Ein Amal) spring, originates from the northern section of the Shomron Mountains, east of the Gilboa mountains. During the course of its underground flow, the water heats to a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, which makes for enjoyable bathing here each day of the year, including winter

The park’s water flows out of a natural pool embedded amid lovely waterfalls and stone bridges. The park includes two large artificial pools that collect the spring’s water. The length of the river within the park extends to 500 meters. The pools are surrounded by spacious shaded lawns and ornamental trees. For your convenience there are barbecue facilities,

picnic spots with seating places, a snack bar, changing rooms and bathrooms.

Other features of the park: an ancient water-driven flour mill, the Footprints in the Valley museum which comprises two wings: the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology and the Tower & Stockade site, which faithfully recreates every feature of the first ‘Tower & Stockade’ settlement to be established in pre-state Israel-Tel Amal (today called Nir David). Entrance to the museum is free to the park’s visitors.

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