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Kibutz Lavi Hotel

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The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel began in 1962 as a group of houses in the kibbutz. Shortly after, it became a very small hotel. Today the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel boasts 184 rooms, including suites, deluxe rooms, and garden rooms, as well as a lovely restaurant, a spacious lobby, and halls of various sizes equipped with audio-visual equipment.
The Lavi Hotel is run by members of the kibbutz. You’ll find here a combination of high level hotel facilities, a kibbutz atmosphere, and personal service. You are invited to stroll throughout the kibbutz and enjoy our special religious, rural atmosphere and the fresh country air.

Kibbutz Lavi preserves the age old tradition of hospitality.
From medieval times to 1948 the area was referred to as Lubia. The Jerusalem Talmud mentions the Lavi Inn . East of the remains one can see the Lubia Khan which was apparently built in the Mamalucean Period. It was probably built near the previous inn which was adjacent to the Roman road leading from Acre – Tiberias – Gedera, the remains of which have been uncovered. Lavi Kibbutz Hotel serves both local and foreign visitors, thereby reviving “Pundaka De Lavi”.

Lavi Kibbutz Hotel is an integral part of the religious Kibbutz Lavi.
Kibbutz Lavi was founded in 1949 by members of British Bnei Akiva. It is situated in the area allocated to the tribe of Naphtali in the Eastern Galilee on slopes which lead to the Sea of Galilee – Lake Kinneret. It is 313 meters above sea level and is a ten minute drive from the neighboring city of Tiberias.

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