Haim Schturman House – A Museum and Center of the Region  
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Haim Schturman House – A Museum and Center of the Region

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Nature, culture, art, history and archeology lovers will each find their niche in this unique museum, filled with museum collections and displays which honor the rich heritage of the Harod Valley.

The museum was founded in 1941 and is dedicated to the memory of Haim Schturman, one of the leaders from “HaShomer” and “Hagana” and also a member of Ein Harod, who was killed in 1938 when his vehicle rode on a mine in the valley of Beit She’an.

The museum is in a magnificent building meant for preservation, and includes a unique collection of stuffed animals that lived in the valley, an archeological collection of various findings from the area, weapons from the “Hagana” times and more. In the main hall there are changing exhibits of artists and displays related to nature, early settlement and environment.

There is also a rich archive, auditorium, and a memorial courtyard with items, such as a French mountain cannon called a “Napoleonchik” and the “Davidka” used and won the battle on Beit She’an, a bulletproof truck from “Bab El-Wad” and for hiding secret weapons in those days.

With advance reservation, you can order a guided tour on the early settlement, Wingate and Korchak.

Don’t miss the “Yedid” display, the first retrospect that covers the life and figure of Orde Charles Wingate and the night troops that hid and prepared themselves. The exhibit includes items that have not yet been exposed to the public, such as his personal pistol and bible that he carried regularly.


Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Saturdays and holidays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Fridays and before holidays must be reserved in advance.


Location: Ein Harod, the entrance is through Ein Harod Meuhad at the Tel Yosef junction.

*There are fascinating activities on different topics especially for children throughout the museum and its surroundings. Schturman House is the first museum on the early settlements that has been established in Israel.