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Ein Harod country lodge

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Come and enjoy a unique country atmosphere while your visit to Israel, The Ein Harod Country Lodge is situated at the top of a hill above the kibbutz. The attractive array of guestrooms and cabins surrounded by gardens and the breathtaking view of the Jezreel Valley impart a tranquil village atmosphere.
From this vantage point you can relax and watch the sun set in a blaze of color.

We are situated in the mid-north of the country in a very advantageous position for touring purposes.
We offer you very comfortable accommodation plus the personal attention we reserve for all our guests. We have 26 standard guestrooms and 16 cabin units.

There are three types of accommodation in Ein Harod:

The log cabins , suited for both couples and families = these  cabins  have one double bed in the bedroom, a sofa in the living room which unfolds to form a double bed and three single mattresses on the floor of the gallery.
And a new type of deluxe cabin designed specifically for couples, The Iris Suites = adults only.
A highly spacious and gorgeously designed suite with Jacuzzi facing a view, plasma TV, DVD player and an equipped kitchen which are all designed for a luxurious romantic vacation. Each suite has a beautiful herbal garden and a private balcony that provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the Harod valley.

Standard rooms arranged as either units for couples or for families. The standard units are fully equipped with all the required amenities.
All the cabins and rooms have air-conditioning and flat TV installed and free internet connection.


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