Footsteps in the Valley Museum, Gan Hashlosha  
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Footsteps in the Valley Museum, Gan Hashlosha

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The museum is divided into two departments:

The restored site of Homa U’migdal (Fence and Tower Site) which is a real size restoration of a settlement from the time that such settlements were established in Israel, formerly called Tel Amal (now known as Kibbutz Nir David).

The Local Mediterranean Archeological Museum filled with rare archeological collections and displays found in the Valley of Springs, Beit She’an and around the Mediterranean.

Fascinating educational activities can take place at these sites, suited for all ages.

For families – a free tour.

For groups of 30 or more – a professional guided tour reserved in advance.


Opening hours: Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: on Route 669 between Beit She’an and Afula

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