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Ben Gurion’s House: The house of Paula and David Ben-Gurion, which they bequeathed to the State of Israel.  Number for reservations: 03-5221010. Email: bghouse@bezeqint.net

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/beit-bengurion


Independence Hall: Here, at this house at the end of Rothschild Blvd., in the heart of Little Tel Aviv, David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel on the 5th of the month of Iyar, May 14th, 1948. Number for reservations: 035173942.

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/Independence-hall


Palmach Museum: located in Ramat Aviv, is dedicated to the Palmach, the strike-force of the pre-State underground Haganah defense organization, which was later integrated into the Israel Defense Forces. Number for reservations: 03-5459800.

Email: palmach_reservation@mod.gov.il

For more information please visit:



Ayalon Institute The museum relates to one of the most fascinating and mysterious stories in the history of the struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel: a secret bullet factory, which operated in the 1940s rught under the noses of the British.

Number for reservations: 08-9406552.

Email:  ayalon@shimur.org.il

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/Ayalon-institute


Minkov Citrus Orchard Museum: This site was once Rehovot’s first orchard, and one of the most important and interesting sites in the history of settlement in the Land of Israel.

Number for reservations: 08-9469197. Email: pardes@shimur.org.il


Culture Trip: Want to plug into the insider cultural, artistic, social, and intellectual scene of Tel Aviv? Interested in local events? Check out:

www.LoveTelAviv.com, www.TelAvivArts.com, www.TLVSalon.com


Shabbat in Tel Aviv: Spending time in the “White City” of Tel Aviv for Shabbat? To be hosted for a Shabbat meal and connect with the English-speaking community, email: Relax@WhiteCityShabbat.com




Tel Hai Courtyard: The museum is devoted to the dramatic events of 1920, to the famous Battle of Tel Hai, and the heroic story of Yosef Trumpeldor and his friends. when Tel-Hai and some other Jewish settlements in the Upper Galilee were cut off from the central part of the country and attacked by Arabs.

Number for reservations: 04-6951333. Email: telhai@galil-elion.org.il


Agamon Ha’Hula (Hula Little lake): an amzing bird watching center and nature park, located in the heart of the Hula Valley. The valley, bordered by mountain ranges – to the east the Golan Heights and to the west the Naphtali Range – is critically located in the center of the Afro-Syrian Rift and one of the most significant bird migration routes in the world. Number for reservations: 04-6817137. Register for a tour: agamon-hula.co.il/contact/index. For more information please visit: agamon-hula.co.il


Ha’Reut Museum: The museum honors the 28 brave Palmach soldiers who lost their lives during the three attempts to capture the Koach Fortress in the fight for Israeli Independence. The museum highlights the camaraderie (“HaReut”) that is forged between soldiers during wartime.

Number for reservations: 04-6432810. Email: hareut@shimur.org.il

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/HaReut




Western Galilee Now: The Western Galillee is a breathtaking region, overflowing with history, culture, natural beauty and folklore. Come and discover a ‘small corner of heaven.

For more information please visit: westgalil.org.il/homepage or call: 050-2920800


JNF-USA’s Tourist Information Center: located in the heart of the old city of Akko, this center provides visitors with everything they need to know in order to discover the many tourism attractions and opportunities in the Western Galilee.

Contact Number:04-6015533. Email: gjnftourist@jnf.org




The Atlit ‘Illegal’ Detention Camp Museum illustrates the story of the more than 122,000 people, (known as ma’apilim – illegal immigrants) who, between the years 1934-1948, were transported from Europe and Arab countries to Israel’s shores despite the British blockade. Many of these immigrants were Holocaust survivors. Once they arrived, they were detained in camps in the very land they had risked their lives to reach. Number for reservations: 04-9841980. Email:  hadracha-atlit@shimur.org.il

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/Atlit


Ein Hod Artists Village: On the road to Haifa lies Ein Hod, an artists’ village atop a hill at the foot of Mount Carmel that overlooks the Mediterranean coast, the town of Atlit, and an ancient 12th century crusader fortress. Number for reservations: 054-4811968.

For more information please visit:ein-hod.info


Carmel Fire Memorial: A monument to the 44 people killed in the 2010 Carmel forest fire. The monument stands near the road where fire trapped and burned a bus carrying cadets from the Israel Prison Service who were sent to evacuate prisoners from the path of the blaze on Dec. 2, 2010. Here: https://www.google.co.il/maps/place/Memorial+Monument+to+the+victims+in+a+fire+in+Carmel/@32.728626,35.01283,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x10cc9a7ad2f5683


Lotem – Making Nature Accessible: organizes outings for special-needs populations at various nature reserves throughout Israel. The trips are tailored for each group according to the participants’ physical, cognitive and emotional requirements. In order for participants to receive maximum benefit from the program, each group consists of 5-12 people together with a certified guide. The organization’s center of activity in the area is in Emek Ha’Shalom (Peace Valley) near Yokneam.

Number for reservations: 04-9591808.

For more information please visit:lotem.net/?page_id=582




Naharayim Experience at Old Gesher: an extraordinary audiovisual display combining dams, sounds and color to illustrate the operation of the power plant. Old Gesher – the story of the pioneers who settled at the site, stood their ground and realized their dream. Number for reservations: 04-6752685. For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/Naharayim


Valley of Springs: : In the Valley of Springs we offer our visitors a chance to experience the history, nature and agriculture that characterize our region, at a comfortable and relaxed pace. For more information please visit:maianot.co.il/en/tourism


Tower and Stockade (Homa veMigdal – GanHashlosha): the museum introduces the Tower and Stockade system, which was The “Tower and Stockade” system was a unique form of settlement used in the period of the bloody events of 1936-1939 during the rule of the British Mandate in the Land of Israel. To a large extent, the “Tower and Stockade” form of settlement affected the way the borders of the state-to-be were determined.

Number for reservations: 04-6581017 Email: homa@gan3.co.il

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/HomaUmigdal1




9/11 Living Memorial: This is the only site outside of the United States that recognizes the names of all the people who were killed in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. For more information and driving instructions please visit:jnf.org/work-we-do/our-projects/tourism-recreation/911-living-memorial-in.html


Ammunition Hill: This national heritage site in Jerusalem tells the story of one of the most important battles of the Six Day War. Number for reservations: 02-5828442, 02-5829392/3.  Email: info@g-h.org.il, for more information please visit: g-h.org.il/en


Yellin House: the first dwelling built in Motza in 1890. The house is a symbol of the beginning of modern agricultural settlement in the Land of Israel. Number for reservations 02-5345443. Email: ruth@shimur.org.il


Neot Kedumim: the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel, is located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This unique recreation of the physical setting of the Bible in all its depth and detail allows visitors a window onto life as it was lived by our ancestors 3,000 years ago. Number for reservations: 08-977-0777.

Email: neot-kedumim.org.il


Gush Etzion Visitors Center: This center at Kibbutz Kfar Etzion is a memorial to the heroic men and women who gave their lives to protect the communities of the Etzion Bloc – strategically located between Jerusalem and Hebron – during Israel’s War of Independence. Number for reservations: 02-993-5160

Email: orkoli@kfar-etzion.co.il

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/gush%20Etzion




Old Nitzanim Women of Valor Center: The museum presents the story of the difficult Battle of Nitzanim during the state’s War of Independence.  Number for reservations: 08-6727895.

Email: elimor@spni.org.il

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/nitzanim


Sderot Indoor Recreation Center: this one of a kind 20,000 sq ft center, which was built by JNF in just 8 months, provides the children of Sderot and the Gaza Strip area with a safe place to play. Number for reservations: 08-6612739.

Email: hamishakiya@gmail.com.

For more information please visit:



Abraham’s Well: Situated on the banks of the biblical Be’ersheva River, at the gates of the Old City, Abraham’s Well is an innovative heritage site dedicated to showcasing the life of the Patriarch Abraham. Number for reservations: 08-6234613.

Email: office@abraham.org.il

For more information please visit: abraham.org.il/index.php?lang=en


Be’er Sheva River Park: a massive water, environment and economic development project that is transforming the riverfront into a 1,500-acre civic paradise.

For more information please visit: jnf.org/work-we-do/blueprint-negev/beer-sheva-river-park.html, Directions: Here


Ben-Gurion’s Hut & Gravesite: In 1953 David Ben-Gurion resigned his office as Prime Minister and retired to a hut built especially for him at Kibbutz Sde-Boker in the Negev. His motivation was to set a personal example for the settlement and development of the Negev. The hut has been preserved just the way it was when Paula and David Ben-Gurion lived there. David and Paula Ben Gurion’s Gravesite is a 5 minute drive south

Number for reservations:  08-6560469. Email: zrif.bg@gmail.com

For more information please visit: eng.shimur.org/ben-gurion




Vidor Visitor Center: At the Vidor Center, you will learn and experience in a unique interactive way what the Arava is all about! For reservations and inquiries please visit: vidor-center.co.il/74938.html, for more information please visit:vidor-center.co.il/?sitelang=2


Timna Park: Located some 25 km (about 17 miles) north of Eilat, combines beautiful scenery with unique antiquities and history, along with a variety of activities the whole family will enjoy. Number for reservations: 08-6316756. Email:timna2@ardomnet.co.il For more information please visit: parktimna.co.il/en

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